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L- Acoustics  KIVA II



The Kiva II is an ultra-compact WST® modular line source designed for
long-throw sound reinforcement applications with minimum visual impact.
The Kiva II features two 6.5“ speakers in a bass-reflex cabinet and a 1.75“
diaphragm compression driver loaded by a DOSC waveguide and L-Fins.
Kiva II features an outstanding SPL/format ratio thanks to the excursion and
power capability of the transducers. The amplifier density is maximized with
16 ohm impedance.
The Kiva II operates from 70 Hz to 20 kHz. The coplanar transducer
arrangement and the new K front grill produce a 100° symmetric horizontal
directivity output with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes
over the entire frequency range. In accordance with the WST coupling
criteria to preserve the wave front coherency, the maximum inter-element
angle is 15°.
The internal passive crossover network uses custom filters. The L-Acoustics
amplified controllers ensure the linearization and the protection of the
transducers (L-Drive).

Description Passive 2-way WST enclosure amplified by LA4X / LA8 / LA12X
Usable bandwidth (-10 dB) 70 Hz – 20 kHz ([KIVA II])
Maximum SPL1 138 dB ([KIVA II])
Nominal directivity Horizontal: 100°
Vertical: depending on the number of elements and array curvature
Transducers LF: 2 x 6.5’’ neodymium
HF: 1 x 1.75’’ neodymium compression driver
Acoustical load LF: Bass-reflex enclosure
HF: DOSC waveguide and L-Fins
Nominal impedance 16 Ω
Connectors IN: 1 x 4-point speakON®
LINK: 1 x 4-point speakON®
Rigging and handling Flush fitting 3-point rigging system
Inter-enclosure angles [deg]: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15
2 handles
Weight (net) 14 kg / 31 lbs
Cabinet Composite sandwich structure
Front Composite grill with anti-corrosion coating
Acoustically neutral 3D fabric
Rigging components High grade steel
Finish Dark grey brown PANTONE® 426C
Pure white RAL 9010
Custom RAL CLASSIC code on special order
IP IP 55